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A Reverse Snickers Bar

I saw this Snickers advert some time ago, liked it and promptly forgot about it.  Anyway, I was minding my own business this morning, when unbidden it popped up again.

If you haven’t seen Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham promoting Snickers then you should.

Just a thought, but one definition of trans is that one would rather eat a “Reverse Snickers” bar.


The Stallions and Mares Advert

Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, which despite its name is not a public body, nor actually has legal authority, has banned an advert by the Irish betting company, Paddy Power.

See the Stallions and Mares advert  and judge for yourself whether you think it offensive.

For what it’s worth it didn’t strike me as terribly offensive.  Presumably, the offence, which is of course in the eye of the beholder is caused by the comment “Dog, sorry stallion” when the woman exits the ladies’ toilet.  The comment was a bit laddish, but presumably that is the market that they are seeking to appeal to.