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Por ella soy Eva.

What a brilliant title – short, memorable and intriguing.  It is like a line from a poem or the start of the chorus of a song.  The title belongs to a Mexican telenovela in which the central plot line involves the male lead crossdressing as Eva.  Indeed, the English translation of “Por ella soy Eva” is “for her I am Eva.”

Por ella soy Eva is apparently a remake of the rather less snappily titled Columbian telenovela  “En los tacones de Eva”, which translates as “In the (high) heels of Eva”.

Incidentally, a telenovela is not quite like a soap opera in the anglosphere. The former has a definite length and a resolution to the plot rather like a novel, whereas the later has an indefinite life span, and can be effectively immortal.

You can read about “Por ella soy Eva” on wikipedia in English and about “En los tacones de Eva” en espanol.

My thanks to Stana of Femulate fame for the tip.